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Wholeness in Science

Cover Wholeness in Science

How do you develop clinical intuition? How do physicians gain practical knowledge about disease?

Diseases do not merely concern a partial defect, they recreate the life of the patient. The author shows that experienced physicians conceive of diseases as integrated concepts, which they can apply to the individual situation of the patient. Clinical intuition is a form of pattern recognition that supports the ability to recognize an integrated ‘whole.’

This Companion presents practical exercises that allow readers to train and expand their ability of pattern recognition through the 4-step approach based on Goethe’s methodology. Questions and introspection aid to become aware of what you did.

This makes obvious that clinical intuition, as experiential knowledge, can become a skill that can be actively developed.

Publication number: 

GVO 10

164 pages


€ 15,00 (excl. shipping)

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Author(s): Guus van der Bie, Loes van den Heuvel

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