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Can physiology give more insight into the living human organism than the mere facts reveal at first? Is the level of activity the same for all organs? Are the vital qualities at work in organs unique for organisms and limited to biological activity? Can we find a scientific basis to research the coherence between organ systems?

By enhancing the current scientific method with the 4-step approach we can find meaning in the facts and understand them as an expression of life itself. The 4-step approach makes the relationship between organs visible and comprehensible. It approaches scientific facts from the point of view of their coherence and can give totally new insights this way.

What emerges is a grasp of the interrelations between biological processes, consciousness, and nature.

Also available in German.

Publication number: 

GVO 04

91 pages


€ 15,00 (excl. shipping)

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Author(s): Christina van Tellingen 

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