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Our method

The Kingfisher Companions Group researches and writes about current biomedical science demonstrating how its understanding can be broadened by the insights of inclusive thinking. We apply a scientific methodology that uses four consecutive steps, the 4-step approach. This approach seeks to recapture a coherent and comprehensive understanding of human nature and the environment.

In the 4-step approach,

  • the data known about the system are listed and categorized;

  • this is followed by an evaluation, which serves to demonstrate the typical processes in the system that is studied;

  • then we may compare a typical system process with others within the organism or in living nature;

  • this enables us to draw conclusions as to the role or meaning of the system process  in the whole of its system or organism and its relation to the processes in nature at large.

With this approach, a greater overview of the subject is gained. In addition to studying the details of biomedical texts, this study will aid in finding the coherence between organs, organisms, and living nature.

We dedicate this work to all students seeking a greater, more holistic understanding of biomedical science.


BOLK ’S COMPANIONS FOR THE STUDY OF MEDICINE complement current medical education, specifically disclosing human facets in biomedical sciences of today.

BOLK'S COMPANIONS FOR THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE contribute to a broader scientific basis for the clinical years of medical study and the practice of intuitive medicine.

BOLK'S COMPANIONS ON THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MEDICINE explore fundamental medical concepts and seek to broaden the medical paradigm.

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