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How can we conceptualize seemingly random psychological and physical symptoms of endocrine disease in a holistic way? How can we understand signs and symptoms of disease including the anatomical and physiological changes in the involved organs in relation to the bio-psycho-social functioning of the individual?

In this Companion, the authors of Endocrinology - A methodological approach towards integrative understanding strive to elucidate the methodology of the 4-step approach, which they have long employed in their own medical practices. It is the authors’ hope that sharing this approach facilitates a deeper, more integrated understanding of common endocrine disease as  well as offers tools for discovering the commonalities and coherence in seemingly unrelated bio-psycho-social phenomena. The ultimate goal of this exploration is to further individualize conventional medicine in the physician’s office.

Publication number: 

GVO 15

133 pages


€ 15,00 (excl. shipping)

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Author(s): Guus van der Bie, Ricardo Geelman, Loes van den Heuvel, Kore Luske, Majella van Maaren 

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